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Welcome to Gracie O'Malley's, Irish Sports Pub! Immerse yourself into a warm ambiance, inspired by the legend of medieval Irish Pirate Queen, Gracie O'Malley!


We are your destination for craft beers, a lively staff, great music, premium steel tip darts, and delectable classic cocktails. The Gracie's crew kindly sticks a middle finger to the system. Our locations welcome any and all, who are down for a good time. Gracie O'Malley's is not your typical Irish bar. No pot of gold or leprechauns here. 

Come watch the game, hang out, and fight the norm. In the resilient spirit of Grace O' Malley, we invite you to come have a drink and join our crew!

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Contact us for private parties or use the reservation link and online ordering link at the top. 

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